Magdalena Pietruch, MA

PhD student


As of 2022, I am a doctoral student at the Brain Imaging Laboratory. I am conducting research on psychotherapy for procrastination under the supervision of Mark Wypych, PhD, in the research project „Treating procrastination – effectiveness and neurobehavioral mechanisms of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Working Time Restriction”. In 2022, I obtained a master’s degree in Cognitive Science at Adam Mickiewicz University, defending my thesis titled „Neural correlates of emotion regulation dysfunction in procrastination” under the supervision of Prof. Jarosław Michałowski. Additionally, I am currently studying Psychology. Outside of LOBI, since 2020 I have been collaborating with Poznań Laboratory of Affective Neuroscience at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities as a research assistant in research projects covering topics such as electrophysiological correlates of procrastination or the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions.


procrastination, effectiveness and mechanisms of psychotherapeutic interventions, emotion regulation, event-related potentials


Behnke, M., Pietruch, M., Chwiłkowska, P., Wessel, E., Kaczmarek, L. D., Assink, M., & Gross, J. J. (2023). The undoing effect of positive emotions: A meta-analytic review. Emotion Review, 15(1), 45-62.