Bartosz Kossowski, Msc Eng., PhD
MRI engineer

About me:

I am an electronics engineer focused on MR methods. My experinece includes:

  • proton spectroscopy acquisition and analysis (single-voxel, functional spectroscopy, detection of GABA)
  • programming and modification of MR sequences (Siemens, GE, Bruker)
  • hyperpolarization techniques (DNP-NMR)

I am also responsible for LOBI IT services i.e. data management, quality control and computations. 


Research interests:

Fast and high resolution T1-mapping protocol with a use of standard vendor sequences available on Siemens Magnetom Trio – VFA method with STESE transmit field map. 

Single-voxel spectroscopy in a context of data analysis and application in neurobiology

MRI peripherals and analysis software. Sequence optimization and programming (Siemens, GE, Bruker)

Selected publications:

Kossowski B., Chyl K., Kacprzak B., Bogorodzki P., & Jednoróg K. Dyslexia and age related effects in the neurometabolites concentration in the visual and temporo-parietal cortex
Scientific Reports volume 9, Article number: 5096 (2019)

Speciality from my kitchen: Freesurfer, SPM, all gluten free stuff