Bartosz Kossowski, PhD, Msc Eng.

Deputy Director for Imaging Services


I am an electronics engineer focused on MR methods. My experinece includes:

  • proton spectroscopy acquisition and analysis (single-voxel, functional spectroscopy, detection of GABA)
  • programming and modification of MR sequences (Siemens, GE, Bruker)
  • hyperpolarization techniques (DNP-NMR)

I am also responsible for LOBI IT services i.e. data management, quality control and computations. 


Fast and high resolution T1-mapping protocol with a use of standard vendor sequences available on Siemens Magnetom Trio – VFA method with STESE transmit field map. 

Single-voxel spectroscopy in a context of data analysis and application in neurobiology

MRI peripherals and analysis software. Sequence optimization and programming (Siemens, GE, Bruker)


Kossowski B., Chyl K., Kacprzak B., Bogorodzki P., Jednoróg K. Dyslexia and age related effects in the neurometabolites concentration in the visual and temporo-parietal cortex
Scientific Reports volume 9, Article number: 5096 (2019)

Kossowski B, Kong Y, Klimiec-Moskal E, Emir U, Palace J, Juryńczyk M. Relapsing antibody-negative patients with features of neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders: Differences in N-acetylaspartate level in the cervical spinal cord indicate distinct underlying processes.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal. 2022;28(14)