Nencki Affective Word List (NAWL)

Project Leader: LOBI

Laboratory of Brain Imaging



The Nencki Affective Word List is supported by the following National Science Centre (Poland) grants: “Opus” 2012/07/B/HS6/02112 and “Preludium” 2013/11/N/HS6/01786.

We introduce the Nencki Affective Word List (NAWL), created in order to provide researchers with a database of 2,902 Polish words, including nouns, verbs, and adjectives, with ratings of emotional valence, arousal, and imageability. Measures of several objective psycholinguistic features of the words (frequency, grammatical class, and number of letters) are also controlled. The database is a Polish adaptation of the Berlin Affective Word List–Reloaded (BAWL-R; Võ et al., Behavior Research Methods 41:534–538, 2009), commonly used to investigate the affective properties of German words. Affective normative ratings were collected from 266 Polish participants (136 women and 130 men). The emotional ratings and psycholinguistic indexes provided by NAWL can be used by researchers to better control the verbal materials they apply and to adjust them to specific experimental questions or issues of interest. The NAWL is freely accessible to the scientific community for noncommercial use.

Riegel M., Wierzba M., Wypych M., Żurawski Ł., Jednoróg K., Grabowska A., Marchewka A. (2015) Nencki Affective Word List (NAWL): the cultural adaptation of the Berlin Affective Word List – Reloaded (BAWL-R). Behavior Research Methods. doi:10.3758/s13428-014-0552-1
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Wierzba M., Riegel M., Wypych M., Jednoróg K., Turnau P., Grabowska A., Marchewka A. (2015) Basic emotions in the Nencki Affective Word List (NAWL BE): new method of classifying emotional stimuli. PLOS ONE. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0132305
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